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Ventilation and air conditioning system installed on the roof of an office building, galva
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HVAC System

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Industrial Ventilation

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Commercial Ventilation System

Industrial Ventilation System

Boxing Motexo Industries Co., Ltd manufactures all kinds of axial fans and centrifugal fans to meet customer needs for quality engineering, commercial, and industrial ventilation equipment products. is an Online Shopping Solution for displaying our product portfolio  of ventilation industry. 

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Service is an e-commerce hub for ventilation in workshops, buildings, industries and homes with over 20,000 types of accessories for all needs. We provide ventilation solutions in the ventilation field of mining,metro or road tunnel,plant, HVAC, warehouse, automotive, hotel, hospital  and other building solutions to meet your business needs.So you don't have to leave home to find the ventilation design and fan you need.
Motexo mainly fabricate mining ventilation fan, tunnel axial fan,commercial ventilation fan, HVAC fan, axial fan, bifurcated fan, low noise fan, shopping mall ventilation fan, high-rise building ventilation fan, centrifugal fan, circulation fan, inline fan, smoke spill fan, square wall-mounted fan, bifurcated axial fan, adjustable pitch axial fan, cabinet fan”

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