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Production & Testing

Motexo produce large batch of small fan, we have processing capability to produce heavyduty fans like above 3.5m high. We adopt the best technology in all aspects of industrial fan,such as shot blasting, sand blasting, all the paint process, welding process, etc.Stoving vanish looks brighter than water paint( ordinary painting color). It has more than 200 sets of fine,large and rare processing equipment, and has a high-tech resin sand casting production line.


Our equipment is generally used for power plants, environmental protection plants, coal plants, and so on.

It requires high technology and workmanship.

​Technical Support 


Our technical department is available to guide and assist the client on: specifications, applications, features, installation and product maintenance.

We have our own flow laboratory and electric motors, where we develop products and solutions agility as needed by the customers.

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