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Variable Inlet Vane Damper for Centrifugal Fan

Variable Inlet Vane Damper for Centrifugal Fan

$400.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price

The regulating air damper has two structures: ordinary type and sealed type. Ordinary regulating doors only play a regulating role and must be used in conjunction with other types of isolation doors; sealed regulating doors have regulating functions and have isolation functions. For small-capacity units, shut-off dampers or isolation doors can be omitted.

  • Structure Feature

    • The baffle adopts the wing type, the front and rear journals adopt the form of inner support and outer seal, and the support is a sliding shaft sleeve structure.
    • The sealing packing has good sealing, no leakage, and high temperature resistance. The support adopts self-lubricating self-aligning bearings, which can automatically compensate for the coaxial deviation of the front and rear shafts to ensure that the air door has low resistance, no jams, and flexible rotation.
    • The actuator of the damper can be directly installed on the damper body without the need for additional crank connecting rod mechanism.
    • The seal between the baffle blades adopts a metal elastic seal, which has good anti-wear and temperature-resistant sealing performance, long service life and easy replacement.
  • Return & Refund Policy

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