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Truck Mounted Water Cannon

Truck Mounted Water Cannon


General Specification


Fog cannons can effectively control dust pollution, improve the working environment, and prevent industrial pollution. It plays an important role in promoting safe production, ensuring the health of personnel and maintaining environmental sanitation.

  • Application

    • Construction site, temperature and dust;
    • Rapid forest protection, urban garden greening, spraying of tall trees,such as street trees to prevent diseases and insect pests;
    • City streets, stations and docks, school airports, public places, garbage sites, sanitation and epidemic prevention, spray disinfection, dust removal and humidity reduction.
  • Features

    • Use 380V electricity, optional diesel generator set, stable performance, safe and reliable
    • Strong power, high range (far), and good penetrability;
    • Can be fixed on the concrete pouring platform or installed on the transport vehicle;
    • Users can choose manual control and remote control configuration, easy operation, safe and convenient; Low labor intensity, high work efficiency and low use cost.
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