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Stainless Steel Direct Driven Roof Downblast Exhaust Fan

Stainless Steel Direct Driven Roof Downblast Exhaust Fan


Stainless steel or aluminum Roof exhausters/roof downblast fan are widely used for commercial buildings and a large variety of industrial applications. Direct driven or belt driven type are available according to different demands. Clients can select suitable size based on the roof size and room ventilation area.


Explosion-proof Aluminum Roof Ventilation Fan.

The material of the fan is aluminum, and the fire smoke exhaust impeller can be carbon steel or galvanized.Fans are mainly used in high-voltage places such as factories, factories, and power stations.The whole machine is formed by an integrated mold, the product is light overall, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.


  • Feature

    • GXH type all-aluminum centrifugal roof fan Centrifugal roof fan, its impeller adopts centrifugal impeller, which can be applied to places with small air volume and high pressure; it adopts single-layer hood.
    • The fan is divided into eight specifications of 300-1000mm according to the diameter of the impeller, the series air volume is 900-49000m3/h, and the static pressure is 50-460Pa.
    • According to different environmental requirements, the fan can be made into an explosion-proof type, suitable for non-corrosive places containing flammable and explosive gases, and the anti-corrosion type can be suitable for environments containing corrosive gases.
    • In order to meet the user's performance adjustment needs for different working conditions, the fan can be equipped with a two-speed motor to achieve two-speed speed regulation, or a variable-frequency motor and a variable-frequency controller to achieve variable-frequency adjustment. It is recommended that the adjustment frequency be locked at 25Hz-50Hz (specify when ordering).
    • The fan can be equipped with manual or electric adjustable doors, self-hanging shutters, etc. (specify when ordering) according to user needs.
  • Application

    Aluminum Roof Fans are mainly used for exhaust ventilation on the roofs of high-pressure and low-flow places such as factory buildings and power stations.

  • Working Condition

    • Working temperature: -20~+40℃ (continuous operation possible);
    • Humidity: less than 90%;
    • Medium conditions:Conventional type: non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive gas (dust content does not exceed 100mg/h).
    • Explosion-proof type: non-corrosive and contain flammable and explosive gas (dust content does not exceed 100mg/h).
    • Anti-corrosion type: corrosive gas (no dust).
    • Working power supply: three-phase 380V/50Hz.
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