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Square Casing Axial Fan

Square Casing Axial Fan


Axial Fan-Square Shape-Wall Mounted

  • Product Info

    Model XTV wall type axial flow fan impeller adopts wide blades, large chord length, space distortion, inclined blade shape, which can achieve the required air volume and wind pressure at low speeds to reduce fan noise. The outer layer of the fan casing is square, and the inner layer is round. , Can further reduce the fan noise. The fan is installed in the wall, and aluminum alloy rain-proof louvers are installed on the side against the wall to prevent outdoor rain and natural wind from flowing back into the room.

  • Feature

    • According to the diameter, it is divided into 10 specifications of 250~700mm. The number of fan blades of each specification is 4, the air volume is 600~15000 m3/h, and the wind pressure is 40~170Pa.
    • According to the different requirements of the use environment, the fan can be made into a DFBZ type explosion-proof axial flow fan, which can be used in non-corrosive places containing flammable and explosive gases. The explosion-proof grade is EXdⅡBT4.
  • Application

    XTV series low-noise wall-type axial flow fans are mainly used for wall-type air supply and exhaust in industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, stadiums, casinos, light industry, food, and medicine.

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