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Resins Formulated High Efficiency Fan to Resista to Corrosive Fume

Resins Formulated High Efficiency Fan to Resista to Corrosive Fume


Motexo FRP centrifugal fan adopts high-quality vinyl ester resin and advanced production technology. They are solid FRP made of resins formulated for maximum resistance to corrosive fume, gases, and mists. It has strong anti-corrosion function under strong acid and other environments. The compact impeller design structure meets the high-speed operation of the fan. The blades are designed with large air volume, light weight of the blades, high energy efficiency and long service life of the blades.

  • Construction

    • Fan shell: FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, anti-ultraviolet marine grade coating
    • Fan impeller: FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic vinyl resin (or optional 120 degree high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic resin)
    • Bearing box: Oil bath type bearing box (excluding direct coupling type)
    • Bearing brand: NSK/SKF/HRB (excluding direct coupling)
    • Transmission group: imported belt and knock-free disassembly pulley, equipped with protective cover (not including direct coupling)
    • Belt brand Samsung from Japan (excluding direct connection type)
    • Fan sealing: corrosion-resistant wool felt plate sealing
    • Motor: domestic well-known brand
    • Pedestal: Double-layer shock absorbing pedestal, stainless steel shock absorber
    • Protective cover: standard belt protective cover, motor rain cover, bearing box cover
    • Inspection and maintenance of sewage outlet: UPVC threaded interface
    • Impeller balance grade: 2.5mm/s grade in accordance with ISO1940 specification
    • The vibration level of the whole machine: Meet the 4.5mm/s level of ISO2372 standard
  • Feature

    • The debugging of the FRP centrifugal impeller adopts the dual combination of dynamic balance and static balance, and the dynamic balance meets the ISO-1940 G2.5 level.
    • FRP centrifugal fan adopts double-layer frame with high-efficiency shock absorber in the middle. The vibration value meets the ISO-2372 4.5 level and above, which greatly reduces the fan vibration and improves the service life of the fan.
    • The FRP centrifugal impeller introduces advanced foreign technology, optimizes the size and angle of the impeller, and adopts (Vinglester) vinyl ester special resin to form one piece, so that the structure of the FRP centrifugal impeller is rigid. The wind pressure and strength are equivalent to the steel impeller. The impeller has a light weight. The steel impeller improves the energy efficiency of the fan. Solve the problem that the traditional glass fiber reinforced plastic impeller adopts backward technology such as glass steel clad iron.
    • Fiberglass centrifugal fan impeller shaft disc adopts split structure, fully enclosed and covered. Firm installation. Convenient disassembly and maintenance.
    • Fiberglass centrifugal fan adopts oil bath type bearing box to protect the bearing and shaft from corrosion by acid and alkali gas. Combined with the application of American pulley and imported belt, it can prolong the service life of the fan and reduce the frequency of failure. Fan motors and bearings can be imported or domestic brands according to customer needs.
    • The outside of the fan is equipped with an inspection port and a drain hole to facilitate the inspection and cleaning of the impeller and avoid the impeller from fouling.
  • Service & Warranty

    • Provide to the factory to measure performance, vibration, and provide test reports to prevent failures before they occur, and to ensure that the fan runs under conditions.
    • Complete product data book, all spare parts, consumables, performance, operating range, etc. are filed.
    • Provide fan maintenance manual to make maintenance work procedurally, keep maintenance records, and easy to handover.
    • All FRP centrifugal fans of the company are produced on an order basis, and are tailor-made for you according to the needs of customers.
    • Warranty for 12 months, please refer to the warranty card and warranty manual for more details.
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