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24" Portable Utility Fan 230V

24" Portable Utility Fan 230V


Portable extractor ventilation exhaust fans are special fans for shipbuilding, machinery, engineering, etc.


Portable axial flow fans are specially used for ship repair and construction, cabin ventilation, underground cable maintenance, fire rescue and smoke exhaust, pipeline or confined and narrow space construction and other harsh workplaces. Combined with a telescopic air duct, the wind can be pumped out conveniently and efficiently.

  • Feature

    • The surface is painted by hot zinc dipping plate, the impeller is made of aluminum alloy, the galvanized mesh cover, the glass fiber reinforced nylon material casting handle, the aluminum shell motor structure,
    • The handle integrated switch is easy to operate.
    • Optional materials: dipped galvanized steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy
    • Equipped with rubber feet for shock and noise reduction. Cast aluminum one-piece fan blades are light and oil resistant.
    • The motor casing with aluminum grooves has a concave-convex grooved motor casing, which has strong heat dissipation.
    • Equipped with chrome protective grille
    • The spiral steel wire skeleton is free to expand and contract, and can withstand positive and negative pressure suction and exhaust.
  • Accessories

    • Optional accessories: PVC flame retardant mesh cloth duct (good flame retardancy, oleic acid resistance, anti-corrosion). Tripod, handle.
    • Optional matching ventilation hose is used for pumping exhaust gas (fresh air) in long-distance or deep operation areas, confined space construction and other harsh air environments.
  • Application

    • It is suitable for use in tunnels, large iron pipelines, underground passages, ships, ship warehouses and other internal narrow operating occasions.
    • In shipbuilding, ship repairing, bridges, industrial factories, tunnels, sewers, oil tanks and fire fighting, etc., it can discharge exhaust gas, remove smoke and dust, and draw air.
    • It is used for cleaning and discharging waste gas and preventing oxygen deficiency in hiding tanks, fire fighting, communication and power cable passages, etc., and for pumping waste gas (fresh air) during construction in confined and long spaces.
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