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Parking Garage Ventilation Systems Extract Jet Fan

Parking Garage Ventilation Systems Extract Jet Fan

SKU: MTXRX1100001

RX-11 type axial flow fan is mainly used for ventilation in general factories, warehouses and residences or for enhancing heat dissipation. The fan is divided into 30 specifications from 280 to 1120mm according to the machine number. The number of blades in each specification is 4, and the blade angles are 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°,and 35°, with a wide range of parameters. The air volume is 800~67000m /h, and the wind pressure is 40~470Pa.The fan can be wall-mounted or pipe-mounted.

  • Product Info

    Material: Carbon steel casing and impeller,Galvanized sheet silencer

    According to the shape and structure: wall type, post type, pipeline type.

    According to the use environment:

    Ordinary type: suitable for
    non-flammable, explosive and non-corrosive gas environment
    Anti-corrosion type: impeller, glass steel housing, suitable for
    environments containing corrosive gases.

    Explosion-proof type: the motor is explosion-proof type, the blade is aluminum alloy, suitable for flammable and explosive gas environment.The explosion-proof grade is EXdIIBT4.

    In order to meet the noise requirements of different places, the fans
    can be equipped with silencers of different lengths, or the fans can be wrapped.

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