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Motor Driven Marine Duty Centrifugal Ventilation Fan

Motor Driven Marine Duty Centrifugal Ventilation Fan


Marine centrifugal fans can transport air, marine air containing salt mist and corrosive air containing oil mist, a small amount of acid vapor formed by natural evaporation of batteries.

  • Application

    Motexo marine centrifugal fan is suitable for the ventilation of various compartments on the ship, the ventilation of the boiler, and can also be used in other appropriate occasions.

  • Structural Analysis

    Structural analysis software using Finite Element Method(FEM) or Finite Element Analysis(FEA) calculate structual strength in all development stage of our product analysis.


    Finite Element Analysis is able to predict structural behavior with the use of calculus:

    • Stress
    • Deformations
    • Margin of Safety
    • Fatigue
    • Vibrations spectrum
    • Frequency Resonance

    This software is able to analyze single components or entire fan system,to optimize the design project.


    Numerical values and graphics visuallzations are available as output to simply analyze all results.The analyzed results are then compared to prototype experimental test to confirm our applied theory,in order to provide effective solutions to design and market requirements.

  • CFD Simulation

    Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) software generates virtual aeraulic prototypes which allow investigating design solutions by evaluating the fluid dynamic performance of single blades,fan and entire systems.


    Its similar to a virtual laboratory which,by working on numerical simulation models,anticipates the effective aeraulic performances.


    Performance on the whole operating curve is analyzed.The most promising designs selected are then tested in the laboratory to define the final configuration.


    In the design of new centrifugal fan series,CFD investigation works on all design parameters: inlet box,inlet cone,impeller and scroll design. A specific study is dedicated to blade profile,number,angle and length.


    For new axial fans development, CFD is applied to design the most performing blades,reversible and monodirectional. Aerodynamic profile,chord and twist distribution,number of blades and hub diameter are evaluated.


    Stall limit,straightening devices and ogive are studied to provide the best design to each client requirements.


    CFD is also used to analyze and design:

    Fans operating with dirty flows:CFD increases the product life and performances.

    Fans operating with dirty flows: CFD lowers the damages due to erosion.

    Optional fans arrangement: location and sizing in stations,galleries, ducts,plants.

    Ducts and devices upstream and downstream the fans: CFD helps clients to better design.

    Pressure drop and flow uniformity through filters,silencers: CFD suggests a better lay-out.

  • Prototypes Laboratory

    The design phase continues in our prototype laboratory.We are equipped with a state-of-the-art fully automatic test room in our plant,designed in complance with AMCA standards.


    The system consists of three parts:



    Outlet fluid flows through filters and strengthening devices.


    Pressure Test

    Strengthened fluid flows through standard nozzle flowmeters of different sizes.Specifications like volume and pressure could be obtained by calculating the pressure difference of the nozzle flowmeters.


    Auxiliary Fan

    Pressure provided by a centrifugal fan could make up for the system pressure loss in the outlet. Thus the largest volume could be tested while the pressure drops to zero.

    The operator runs the test from the workstation conscls,setting the appropriate throat sections,testing performance curve by controlling the number of nozzle flowmeters. The test room software records the measure-ments of the entire fan curve(pressure,power,efficiency,test data and rated data,temperature) and generates a detailed test report.These data would be compared with the CFD data,making necessary modification to develop an entire new series of products.


    Aeraulic Test Rooms

    The engineering project is then completed in our test room for aeraulic appraisal,with regard to R&D activities,the Motexo Fan is equipped with

  • Advanced Equipment

    • Robot automatic welding
    • Automatic welding
    • Robot high pressure die casting axial flow impeller
    • Germany 2KW fiber cutting
    • AMDA CNC punching machine
    • CNC spinning machine
  • Strict Inspection Quality Guarantee

    Only the continuous improvement of service quality can bring the prosperity of company.Due to this concept,Motexofan always tries to improve the competitiveness through perfecting the effective configuration of inner management resources.Motexofan is one of the companies in this industry with the full implementation of ISO9000 Quality Control system including sales,production,after-sales service and so on,the complete control system has been established in order to guarantee meticulous service to customer. The dveotion of Motexo employees has established a supreme marketimage and won us great professional appraisal.

  • Quality Management Systematization

    The perfect quality system,inspection network of self-inspection,third party inspection and special inspection through out the production process,quality standards and operation specifications ensure a high quality product.

  • Production Routine Management Data-based

    A set of data standards is established, minimizing the effects of the unstable factors through a data-based management, thus ensures a stable improvement of product quality.

  • Strict and Practical System

    Standardization and specification over the whole production process,enhance employees sense of responsibility and competition,drive them to manufacture high quality products to meet customers needs in all aspects.

  • Service & Warranty

    Service at Pre-sales Stage

    Our professional engineer will submit you professional proposal to establish a suitable solution according to your actual requirements and performance data.


    Service during sales

    Our engineer will train your technical persons on site by lectures on installation of equipment,operation,maintenance and supply you with required information by using computer CAD drafter to make customer feel real Motexofan. 


    Aftermarket Warranty Service

    Aftermarket Service Center is a direct communication channel to our customers and our engineer will manage all your necessities after purchasing.

    For the quality warranty, we grant a 12-Month warranty to our products, during the warranty period, we provide free spare parts without charge, and we will ship the packed parcel to the clients at the client's cost; also we have after-sale technician who can speak english, and he will be answering your inquiries anytime(phone call or on-line meeting).

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