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Mine Flameproof Rotary Axial Fan

Mine Flameproof Rotary Axial Fan

SKU: MTXM00009

The mine explosion-proof axial flow main fan ventilation is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving forced mechanical ventilation equipment specially designed for various coal mines, mines, and tunnels. It often adopts an extractive ventilation structure.

  • General Specification

    This RM series of fans can be designed and manufactured in conjunction with the ventilation network parameters of large and medium-sized coal mines or mines; the fan adopts an adjustable installation angle design. In response to changes in the working conditions of the mine ventilation network, the blade installation angle can be adjusted in time to allow ventilation The machine is always in high-efficiency and energy-saving operation, and adopts the overall structure of direct connection of the motor and the impeller, eliminating the need for the transmission system, and has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, and simple installation and disassembly.

  • Application

    • The fan is also suitable for metal mines, chemical mines and other factories and mines that require forced ventilation.
    • It is widely used in high-speed tunnels, railway tunnels, subways, shaft tunnels, flat road ventilation, and drinking water projects.
  • Packaging&Delivery

    1. The fan has been debugged and passed the inspection before leaving the factory, and adopts simple packaging
    2. Generally, it is transported by the whole machine, which can be transported by land or water.
    3. The technical information in the packing box has product qualification certificate, packing list and maintenance manual

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