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Metro Air Force Cage/Crate Cooling Fans

Metro Air Force Cage/Crate Cooling Fans


The performance of the model DTF series metro ventilation fan series has been approved in both domestic and overseas projects and clients. DTF series subway axial fan features high efficiency, low noise, compact configuration and reliable performance, and the impeller angle can be quiescently adjusted.


The axial flow fireproof smoke exhaust fans in this series are among the first series products that passed Chinas CCC certification, the fan can make a continuous fire rated performance for over 60min under the temperature of 300°C, and without causing any mechanical, electrical or structural failures. The fan can be used for smoke exhaust in fire-protection systems (implementation standard GA211-2009)


Our company can also develop the models according to the special requirements of projects to realize the best matching for the Project.

  • Features

    •  The impeller hub and twisted airfoil blades are all designed and manufactured with advanced die-casting technology. The aluminum alloy blades and hubs have been metallographically analyzed with well-organized structure. All these parts have been inspected by X-ray non-destructive testing and mechanical operation tests. The strength safety factor; the fan impeller has considered the thermal expansion coefficient under 300℃ high temperature conditions, and adopts corresponding high temperature technical measures under high temperature conditions to ensure safe operation.
    •  The impeller structure is well designed and can be accommodated in different working conditions.
    • The impeller-hub adopt the Hafur compacting and fixing structure, which is convenient and quick to adjust the blade angle, users can adjust the blade angles according their specific needs.
    • The calibration standard of the static & dynamic balance of the fans conforms to ISO2.5, and all impellers are tested and for over-speeding, operation, vibration and aerodynamic performance before leaving the factory.
    • The Motexo metro fan is equipped with direct-driven motor, which is easy for examination and maintenance.
    • The subway fan is designed with highly adjustable performances, including adjustments on speed, installation angles and number of impellers can be adopted according to requirement to make full performance for various projects.
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