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Jet Booster Fans for Tunnel Basement Ventilation

Jet Booster Fans for Tunnel Basement Ventilation


There are 2 types in JYT' uni-direction and reversible (bi-direction) axial fan. The thrust range, up to 3500N, can be covered by fans range from diameter of 630mm to 1600mm. High efficiency and low noise jet fan can be se-lected under different load and work conditions.

  • General Specification

    JYT series jet fan has high quality assurance depending on the advanced technology. The casing is forming by spinner. The tip of impeller is processed to make sure the alignment and the tip clearance. The hot dip galvanized surface provide good appearance and excellent anti-corrosive performance. The blades and hub are made of alu-minum alloy by high/Low pressure die-casting by casting model which is made by Toshiba CNC. The application of JYT fan in highway tunnel, railway tunnel and dams project has proved that the performance, technical and quality requirement, i.e. anti-corrosive, reliability and economics as well as economic targets, completely meet with the re-quirement of tunnel and metro.

  • Feature

    • Motexo Industries JYT series jet fan with low noise, large flow and high thrust the advantages of the indicators are in line with JB/T10489-2004 "Tunnel jet fan technology with conditions" and GB/T19843-2005/ISO13350: 1999 "Industrial Ventilation plane jet fan performance test "requirements.
    • The required working conditions, the fan's design life of at least 10 years (except wearing parts), the first overhaul of security before the operating time of not less than 20000h.
    • High temperature resistance performance: Fan in the gas temperature 280 ℃, 60min in continuous operation,will not be mechanical, electrical or structural failure.
    • One-way flow of jet fans in the reverse flow and positive ratio of up to 50% -70%; two-way reversible jet fans in the reverse flow and forward flow ratio greater than 96%.
    • The model of jet fan noise limits are in line with JTG/TD70/2-01-2014 requirement: fan in the wild, away from the fan outlet center 10m, with the fan axis measured at 45 ° to the A sound level does not exceed 77dB (A).
    • Hanger bearing fan installed to ensure the fan static load strength of 15 times, easy installation, hanger structure of the actual size of the tunnel embedded parts can be adjusted.
    • Jet fans installed in the tunnel limit 15cm-20cm office building, fan axis with the axis parallel to the tunnel,the fan setting method should use fixed or suspended.
    • Jet fan, after all components are corrosion preventive treatment, two high-temperature corrosion primer coat-ing, two high temperature finish. When specified, with stainless steel muffler plate , fan surface galvanized, stainless steel bolts connecting bolts.


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