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Jet Axial Fan for Airport Waiting Hall Ventilation

Jet Axial Fan for Airport Waiting Hall Ventilation


Commercial jet fans are characterized by the installation of silencers at both ends of the movement, which can reduce noise, and the impeller designed in accordance with aerodynamics, as well as guiding devices. The parking lot fan is a multi-purpose one to bring air circulation. It is used for air circulation in underground parking lots, factories and so on. Realize the best indoor air distribution and achieve efficient and economical ventilation effects.

  • Product Info

    The induced jet fan uses high-speed airflow with higher kinetic energy to induce and disturb a large amount of surrounding air, and bring it to a specific target direction. The center velocity of the jet gradually decreases from the nozzle exit point, but the jet width gradually increases, and the amount of surrounding air induced gradually increases. On the one hand, it dilutes the indoor harmful gas, and on the other hand, it drives the indoor air to flow. The harmful gas is concentrated and quickly travels along the preset air flow path to the exhaust fan, and the exhaust fan beats it away. On the other hand, it drives the indoor flow. Concentrated and quickly travel along the preset air flow path to the exhaust, and exhausted by the exhaust fan, so as to achieve good ventilation in the underground garage. The place where the induced jet fan is applied can effectively reduce the concentration of harmful gases and smoke in the garage, maintain good air, and improve the garage environment.

  • Application

    • Underground garage;
    • Underground entertainment venues;
    • Induced ventilation in a large area with local pollution;
    • Intelligent induced ventilation of regional linkage;
    • Uniform distribution of hot and cold air for air conditioning in large places.
  • Feature

    • It adopts blade-type all-aluminum impeller, which has high efficiency and long range, and can be used in low temperature, high temperature and high humidity environment.
    • Both the inlet and outlet are equipped with silencing section, so the noise is very low.
    • Motor protection class IP54, insulation class F, long-term safe and reliable operation under ambient temperature of -20℃~55℃ (low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, etc. can also be customized according to requirements).
    • Beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, saving installation space.
    • It can be equipped with a mounting bracket with adjustable installation angle to facilitate installation and conditions.
    • Safety nets are installed at the air inlet to ensure fan operation and personnel safety.
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