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35W High Temperature Resistant Small Centrifugal Fan

35W High Temperature Resistant Small Centrifugal Fan


Small Blower for Biomass Blue Charcoal Particle Furnace Spiral Case Row.

Boiler Centrifugal Fan.

High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Fan.

  • Features

    • It is made of steel plate, which is strong and reliable, and is semi-open, which is convenient for maintenance.
    • The product has been dynamically balanced to ensure stable rotation and good performance.
    • High temperature ball bearing structure, low noise, anti-vibration design, supporting high temperature resistant wind wheel;
    • Rotation speed: 1200-2500RPM, the speed can be customized according to customers;
    • Power: 20-60W, power can be customized according to customer requirements;
    • The Hall sensor imported from Germany guarantees accurate speed detection while also guaranteeing product quality and performance.
  • Application

    It is widely used in high-temperature equipment such as high-power hot gas water heaters, fireplaces, wood-burning real fire fireplaces, gas wall-hung boilers, test equipment, and high-temperature kitchen and bathroom equipment such as vertical holding cabinets and constant temperature cabinets for air supply, smoke exhaust, and equalization of temperature. And so on, can be customized according to the different needs of customers.

  • Packaging&Delivery

    1. The fan has been debugged and passed the inspection before leaving the factory, and adopts simple packaging
    2. Generally, it is transported by the whole machine, which can be transported by land or water.
    3. The technical information in the packing box has product qualification certificate, packing list and maintenance manual

  • Service & Warranty

    • We have our own R&D department and engineering department. Our technicians are professionals with more than three years of experience in fans, pumps and motors;
    • We can provide OEM and ODM quality services, all products can be customized according to customer requirements;
    • We have pre-sale product consultation and explanation, product recommendation customer service, sales question answering, and after-sale technical guidance;
    • We guarantee that the unpacking rate is less than three thousandths, and the product warranty period is 15 months;
    • Provide free product maintenance and technical support for life;
    • We guarantee that customer service and customer complaints will give customers satisfactory answers within 24 hours;
    • Our company has obtained a number of product patents and certifications (CE, FC, SGS, ISO, FDA, ROHS, VDE, UL REACH, CCC and other certifications) to ensure product quality and performance.
  • Specification

    • Voltage: 100-240V
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Current: 470MA
    • Power: 70W
    • Outlet Size: 80MM
    • Speed: 2900RPM
    • Outlet Angle: CW/CCW
    • Insulation Class:H
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