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Hanging-type Spring Vibration Isolators

Hanging-type Spring Vibration Isolators


LKG series of Hanging-type spring vibration lsolator have the double advantages of large load range, natural frequency, low damping and large damping.

  • Product Info

    It is highly adaptable and has significant effects on active vibration reduction and shock reduction. It is a high-quality shock absorber that reduces vibration hazards and noise and protects the environment. It is especially suitable for installation and use in places with high requirements for human living environment, such as hotels, department stores, commercial buildings, stations and other commercial construction sites.

  • Structure Feature

    • The partial double-layer steel plate adopts the internationally accepted trapezoidal design.
    • The surface is sprayed with plastic baking paint, which has large disturbance and long service life.
    • Special card slot design prevents vibration and short circuit.
    • Adopt high-quality springs, standing and strong pressure shot blasting treatment.
    • Use high-quality rubber material to strengthen the damping effect.
    • Increased strength, stamping pattern design.
  • Application

    LKG type suspension spring shock absorber is used in the damping of small equipment such as fan coils and commercial ventilators. In the central air-conditioning installation project, the vibration damping installation of the fan coil can improve the operation status of the fan, extend the service life, and at the same time Reduce noise and vibration pollution to the surrounding environment. Motexo designed and produced the LKG special shock absorber according to the actual installation requirements of the commercial ventilation system.

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