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FRP Roof Exhaust Air Axial Fan

FRP Roof Exhaust Air Axial Fan

$180.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price

The ARFIA Seires fans are the most commonly used roof fans for various applications, the fan is designed with direct-driven axial impeller for the utmost performance.The fan cap is optional with steel, stainless steel and reinforced glass fiber for various industrial fields. 

  • Product Info

    • The ARFIA axial flow roof fan adopts wide blades, large chords, space distortion, and inclined blade shape, which can reach the required air volume and pressure when running at low speeds, thereby reducing the noise of the fan.
    • The fan is divided into 17 models of 300~2400mm according to the impeller diameter. The air volume of this series is 1500~220,000m³/h, and the total pressure is 60~320Pa. Fan blades of model 12 or more can be made into adjustable blade angles to meet different requirements. The situation needs to realize energy saving and noise reduction.
    • The fan can be made into adjustable blade angles according to different environmental needs to meet the needs of different working conditions and realize energy saving and noise reduction.
    • In order to meet the performance adjustment needs of different operating conditions, a two-speed motor can be

    used to achieve two-speed speed regulation, or a variable frequency motor and a variable frequency controller can be
    used to achieve stepless speed regulation. It is recommended that the adjustment frequency be locked at 25Hz~50Hz
    1.5 The fan can be equipped with manual or electric regulating valves, self-hanging shutters, etc. according to user

  • Application

    Suitable for ventilation in warehouses, industrial and mining plants, power stations, stations, gymnasiums and other medium and low pressure, large flow places

  • Structure Feature

    • Standard: Impeller; motor; housing (air duct, motor support)  FRP hood; safety net
    • Optional parts and accessories (indicate whether to purchase when ordering)

                     Manual or electric regulating valve; control box; self-hanging                       louver; anti-bird net

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