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Centrifugal Fan Impeller

Centrifugal Fan Impeller


Static and dynamic vibration defects recovered after production according to appropriate ISO norm.


  • Material & Size

    Impellers are produced from Q235 Steel Sheet,stainless steel, ZAlSi7Mn Aluminium or FRP.

  • CFD Simulation

    Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) software generates virtual aeraulic prototypes which allow investigating design solutions by evaluating the fluid dynamic performance of single blades,fan and entire systems.

    Its similar to a virtual laboratory which,by working on numerical simulation models,anticipates the effective aeraulic performances.

    Performance on the whole operating curve is analyzed.The most promising designs selected are then tested in the laboratory to define the final configuration.

    In the design of new centrifugal fan series,CFD investigation works on all design parameters: inlet box,inlet cone,impeller and scroll design. A specific study is dedicated to blade profile,number,angle and length.

    For new axial fans development, CFD is applied to design the most performing blades,reversible and monodirectional. Aerodynamic profile,chord and twist distribution,number of blades and hub diameter are evaluated.

    Stall limit,straightening devices and ogive are studied to provide the best design to each client requirements.

    CFD is also used to analyze and design.


    Fans operating with dirty flows:CFD increases the product life and performances.

    Fans operating with dirty flows: CFD lowers the damages due to erosion.

    Optional fans arrangement: location and sizing in stations,galleries, ducts,plants.

    Ducts and devices upstream and downstream the fans: CFD helps clients to better design.

    Pressure drop and flow uniformity through filters,silencers: CFD suggests a better lay-out.

  • Product Info

    The MOTEXO series has passed the national energy efficiency certification and is actually a first-class energy efficiency product. The impeller is designed with high-strength steel,which has the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The impeller design strength safety margin is more than 1.35. The impeller welding adopts robot welding technology, and all welds After non-destructive testing and inspection, the impeller was tested for dynamic balance according to the British 6861Part 1, and the factory vibration was less than 2.5mm/s. After the impeller was welded, it was subjected to stress relief treatment. The surface was treated with sandblasting and the surface was coated with two layers of primer. One middle layer and two layer paint treatment can be durable,and the adhesion and paint film thickness are spot-checked and tested at the factory.

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