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Centrifugal Exhaust Cabinet Fan for Duct Mounted

Centrifugal Exhaust Cabinet Fan for Duct Mounted


Ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment at the end of air-conditioning Centrifugal duct fan with large air volume Square duct fan

  • Feature

    • The impeller of the EHD centrifugal duct fan is a forward-inclined multi-blade centrifugal impeller with single-sided suction. The fan is designed to enter and exit horizontally.The square air inlet and outlet can be directly connected with the air duct. The fan motor is a special motor for air conditioners. The whole machine has low noise, stable operation and long service life.Long life and other characteristics.
    • Fans are divided into 16 specifications according to the diameter of 140~500mm.The series air volume is 130~5500m3/h, the total pressure is 45~470Pa,
    • In order to meet the requirements of noise in different places, it is divided into:Ordinary type: all of its materials are galvanized steel sheets formed by biting; Muffler type: The fan part is made of galvanized steel sheet formed by snapping,The box board is a color-coated board with noise-absorbing material inside, and the frameIt is made of aluminum alloy profile, and the air inlet and outlet are equipped with filters.
  • Application

    Fans can be widely used in air-conditioning projects such as office buildings,
    hotels, museums, gymnasiums, culture, education and health.

  • Working Condition

    Working temperature: -20~+40℃ (Can be continuous operation)
    Humidity: less than 90%
    Medium conditions: air (dust content does not exceed 100mg/m3)
    Power supply: three-phase, 380V/50Hz
    Single-phase 220V/50Hz (some models)

  • Processing Technology

    • The fan impeller and casing are all high-quality galvanized steel plates, and all molds are produced and formed by biting. The impeller undergoes static and dynamic balance correction,The balance accuracy is not greater than G5.6.
    • The silencing type air box panel is folded and formed by a CNC bending machine, and is formed by connecting self-tapping bolts and aluminum alloy profiles.
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