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Air Ventilation Mixed Flow Inline Fan in Hospitals/Hotel/Agriculture

Air Ventilation Mixed Flow Inline Fan in Hospitals/Hotel/Agriculture

$200.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price

LAX Fan are designed to provide efficient and reliable operation for com

mercial and hydroponic grow industry. Our products are manufactured with

state of the art laser, forming, spinning and welding equipment and ensure

our qualitycontrol testing to ensure trouble free start-up. Our mix fans are

including industry leading design features to ensure your ventilation equip

ment has the latest technologies available.

  • Feature

    • All mold design construction. Housings are manufactured with Nylon and Steel
    • Mix type of impeller with high efficiency
    • The fan is compact, so it is easy to installation and repair.
    • It is designed for direct connection in line with standard diameter circular ducting.
    • EC type is available
  • Usage

    • The fan is mainly use in delivering the clean air without the place that with easy burning materials,explosive materials and powder.
    •  If the fan is fed with external rotor machine and sealed ball bearing. It is free maintenance.
    • If the fan install in the damping and sobering area,continuous operation Is required for the fan.
    • The fan can be installed In the outdoor or damp environment with drainage system.
    •  All the fans are feeding with international standard motors, which are single phase 120v, 60hz or 220v,50hz and three phases 380v, 50hz
    • Installation is available in any areas.
  • Dimension

    Standard size 6",8",10",12",14",16".

    Engineers in Boxing Motexo Industries Co.,LTD can assist you in improving the operational efficiency of the air movement in your system.


  • Application

    Family residences, Internet cafes, KTVs, restaurants, offices, office buildings,shopping malls, hotels, moxibustion physiotherapy smoke exhaust, laboratories,computer rooms, chess and card rooms, gyms, beauty salons, fitness clubs, basements, swimming pools, etc.

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