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Air Conditioning System Centrifugal Impeller

Air Conditioning System Centrifugal Impeller


Backward single or double inlet impeller/wind wheel.

Standard size is from 200mm to 1400mm.

  • Feature

    • The impeller and external rotor are connected to allow the AC centrifugal fan to make more efficient use of space.
    • Easy to operate and high durability.For a long service life it is recommended to use high-end bearings.
    • Built-in thermal protectors.
    • Sealed design to protect the fan in extreme environments.
    • Fan blades designed to generate a minimum level of noise and vibration.
  • Application

    HRV, ERV, AHU, FFU, air purifier, kitchen range hoods, etc.

    Personalized service to customers who want it. Contact our customer service team to learn more about our customization services.

  • Introduction

    Motexo specializes in the design, research, development, and manufacture of stamped metal parts, dies, centrifugal fans, impellers, machining and metal parts required by the construction industry and other industries.

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