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90W SUS Multi-Blade Centrifugal Fan with Narrow-wheel Impellers

90W SUS Multi-Blade Centrifugal Fan with Narrow-wheel Impellers

SKU: MTXVG000010

The multi-blade centrifugal fan is developed by Motexo's  professional engineers and technicians who introduced advanced technology from Europe and the United States. The impeller volute is formed by die stamping. It is suitable for supporting industrial machinery and equipment, small space extraction and exhaust, spraying pressurization, thermal circulation system, high temperature air supply (less than 200 ℃, equipped with high temperature resistant wind wheel), air conditioning purification equipment, etc. According to different use environments, SUS304 stainless steel, galvanized sheet, ordinary A3 spraying and other materials can be used.

  • Feature

    • Copper core motor. The coil adopts high-quality high-temperature copper wire, which has low heat generation, high efficiency, low power consumption, and is not easy to burn, ensuring the efficient, stable and safe operation of the motor.
    • Multi-wing blades. The fan blade is made of galvanized material, the blade is high in strength, not easy to deform, relatively stable in high-speed movement, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving.
    • Protective net cover. The windshield is made of steel plate and profile, which is safer to use.
  • Application

    It is widely used in telecommunications, electricity, electronics, geology, coal mines, ships, papermaking and other industries, especially plastic machinery, printing machinery, printing machines, dryers, blow molding machines, cooling, temperature control and ventilation of underground facilities.

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