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8160m³/h Car Wash Equipment Dryer Fans for Sale

8160m³/h Car Wash Equipment Dryer Fans for Sale


Intelligent car washing fan, supporting blow-drying fan for car washing room. Large air volume, high efficiency and energy saving, pure copper core motor.The installation method can be side installation and top beam installation.

3kw/4kw/5.5kw/7.5kw are standard fan.

  • Structure

    • Protective net
    • Multi-wing impeller
    • All copper motor
    • Air outlet
    •  Thickened plastic shell
  • Feature

    • The thickened plastic shell body is integrated into a more sealed body, and the wide and thick base is safe.
    •  It can work continuously throughout the day without stopping, and it is waterproof and fully enclosed pure copper motor. High-quality thick copper core wire, precise winding of the machine, stable motor operation, low temperature rise, long life, energy saving and environmental protection.
    • The motor has high speed and strong wind power, and the life of the refined copper wire motor is more than 10 years. The silent roller bearing keeps the fan running stably and is resistant to wear.
    • The motor cooling back cover adopts a new design to be firmer and has better heat dissipation
    • The safety protection net can prevent the inhalation of foreign objects and protect the safety of personnel and fans
    • Round air outlet, strong wind, stable wind pressure and no air leakage.
    • Fixed by stainless steel screws, the direction can be changed at will
    • Waterproof cable box hanging buckle is easier to install
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