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550mm Blower Wheels for Ventilation System Technology

550mm Blower Wheels for Ventilation System Technology


The multi-blade double-inlet wind wheel can be universal replacement wheels for box-type centrifugal fans and direct driven blower.

The single/double-inlet multi-blade wind wheel with an outlet angle greater than 90 degrees is a forward-leaning impeller, also known as a forward-facing wheel.

  • General Specification

    Generally, from the perspective of the radial section of the fan wheel, the angle between the outer extension line of the blade and the tangent line opposite the rotation direction of the blade at this point is an obtuse angle, which is a forward-inclining wind rotor multi-blade double-inlet wind rotor wing The blades of the type impeller are much more than the blades of the wind wheel, generally more than 30 pieces, and they are elongated and evenly distributed on the outside of the upper and lower plates of the impeller. The edges of the impeller's upper and lower plates are generally the same.

  • Features

    • Additional blower wheels available upon request.
    • The diameter, height and shaft diameter of impellers of all specifications can be customized according to the requirements of customers.
    • All wheels must be factory dynamically balanced before package.
    • The impeller material is usually aluminum alloy, stainless steel and galvanized steel.
    • Individually boxed to avoid the scratched or crushed
  • Applications

    Condensers,Furnaces,draft boosters,flue exhaust,Air handlers,Package Units and small appliances.

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