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50KW Electric Heater Blower Fan

50KW Electric Heater Blower Fan


Chicken and duck breeding brooding heating equipment.

Greenhouse heater /380v industrial electric heater.

  • Feature

    • Intelligent constant temperature and energy saving
    • Smart dual-screen display
    • Intelligent overheat protection
  • Structure Feature

    • Fully enclosed imported motor, 28 stacks of double ball bearings, all-copper enclosed structure, silent insulation, moisture-proof and dust-proof
    • Automatic constant temperature and energy saving, real-time monitoring of indoor temperature, automatically stop when the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, and start automatically when the temperature is lower than the set temperature, which is more comfortable, natural and energy-saving. 5~55℃ free temperature control, saving fuel and electricity
    • Smokeless and tasteless clean warm air. It is smokeless and does not exhaust carbon dioxide, and will not cause any impact on the air in the factory/farmhouse.
    • The fan heating effect is good, and the heating tube is arranged in a dislocation.
    • The chassis shell material is electrostatic sprayed, green, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Application

    Wildly used for agriculture, animal husbandry.

    Plants or venues with large space, large heating load, and indoor air circulation allowed.

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