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400CMH Fresh Air Axial Flow Ceiling Exhaust Fan

400CMH Fresh Air Axial Flow Ceiling Exhaust Fan


The ceiling mounted exhaust fan is a type of air-conditioning appliance that is driven by the motor to drive the blades to rotate and drive the air flow to exchange indoor and outdoor air. Also known as ventilation fan. The purpose of ventilation is to remove the dirty air in the room and adjust the temperature, humidity and sensory effects. Ventilation fans are widely used in homes and public places.

  • General Specification

    The louvered ventilating fan is a widely used ventilating fan, which is mainly composed of auxiliary components such as motors, fan blades, wind frames, panels, shutters, and special pull-wire switches. Motors generally use single-phase capacitors to run asynchronous motors. Shaded pole motors are also used for ventilating fans below 150mm. The fan blades are generally injection molded with ABS and AS plastics, which are light in weight and high in strength. The wind frame is usually made of sheet steel stamping and spot welding, or plastic injection molding. The panel is made of plastic injection molding. Shutters are usually stamped and formed from sheet steel or tinplate.
    The specifications of ventilating fans are divided into 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500mm according to the diameter of their blades.

  • Parameter Sheet

    Model: NVC12-02A

    Voltage: 220V/230V


    Input Power:18W

    Airflow: 90m³/h



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