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35KW Workshop Heater Blower Fans for Sale

35KW Workshop Heater Blower Fans for Sale


Diesel heater, fuel heater, high-power heater, heater, kerosene electric heater, dryer, large area heat preservation machine for breeding brood

  • Feature

    • Diesel and kerosene generate heat with good thermal effect
    • The wind is strong, and the fan assists heating
    • Over-temperature power-off safety protection, this machine is equipped with overheating protection device, safe use is guaranteed
    • Good thermal effect, fast heat transfer, pure aluminum metal shell, good insulation, fast heat dissipation, and anti-rust
    • Low noise, no smoke, no smell, no moisture, no oxygen consumption, full combustion and no peculiar smell
  • Structure Feature

    • Imported fully enclosed motor. The coils are tied by hand, and the whole machine is fully enclosed to prevent oil and dust from entering.
    • This equipment is specially equipped with overheating protection device, overheating automatically cut off power to ensure the safe use of the machine
    • One-key intelligent constant temperature control, dual monitors for precise temperature control
    • 20CM diameter large combustion tube, rivet fixation is firmer.
    • Visible fuel quantity, 8MM thick steel fuel tank, durable
  • Application

    workshop heating, flower nursery, breeding and maintenance, construction and maintenance, suitable for brooding heating, pig raising insulation, greenhouse, winter construction insulation, drying and drying, workshop heating, tent heating, outdoor activities.

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