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24" Pneumatic Air Movement Fan

24" Pneumatic Air Movement Fan


The explosion-proof pneumatic fan is also called the explosion-proof pneumatic fan, which uses compressed air as the power source. The explosion-proof pneumatic motor is used as the exhaust fan of the power unit. The explosion-proof starter fan is widely used in ships, warehouses, chemical plants, paint production workshops, gas stations and other flammable and explosive places.

  • Product Info

    The explosion-proof air blower is composed of air motor, fan blades, muffler, air conveying pipe and controller. A new type of fan that not only saves electricity, but also uses energy efficiently. After the explosion-proof pneumatic fan is ventilated, it drives the blades to rotate. By adjusting the throttle valve of the air path, the speed of the fan can be controlled to form different wind pressures and flow rates.

  • Application

    The fan adopts a structure that drives a pneumatic motor to drive the impeller to rotate. It is suitable for use in a coal mine underground for pumping-out local ventilation, and can also be used as a local ventilation device for metallurgical mines, tunnel projects, etc., and has wide application.

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