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200W Waste Disposal Vortex Blower Fan

200W Waste Disposal Vortex Blower Fan


Vortex high pressure fan/high pressure vortex air pump

  • Feature

    • Environmental protection: It adopts the same ADC12 material as Mercedes-Benz car wheels, which crosses the old process of casting pig iron, and has the characteristics of "high, precise, light" and so on. It is an excellent product with high technology content, low carbon and high quality. And ADC12 material has good anti-corrosion performance.
    • Wide range of uses: high-speed, high-precision, high-temperature resistant imported bearings are used, which are reliable in operation, and can run in working state without stopping for 24 hours. At the same time, 50/60Hz broadband motors are used, which saves a lot of operating costs; such as: single-phase 110V /230V industrial three-phase: 220/380/415/660V, etc., the motor frequency can be 45-75HZ frequency modulation, IP55 protection grade F insulation grade, its advantage is that the domestic motor can not reach the technology, favored by domestic and foreign customers.
    • Good performance: adapt to the requirements of various industries, can run smoothly and continuously for 20,000 hours without any maintenance. Whether in high or low temperature conditions, in tropical rain forests or at high altitudes, our expert fan product range works consistently, safely, reliably and for a long time.
    • Ultra-low noise: The fan has excellent running balance performance. During extreme operation, the fan's vibration or low vibration ensures long-life operation of the fan, low noise, and can be upgraded to sound operation to meet the extremely high requirements of customers.
    • Simple maintenance: Except for the impeller, the high-pressure fan has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, without gears and transmission belts, so the reliability is higher, almost maintenance-free, and saves a lot of operation and maintenance costs.
    • All of them have passed the inspection of high-precision testing equipment in Germany and Japan, with high pressure, large flow, light weight, no oil and no pollution, which can ensure the quality of products to the greatest extent.
  • Application

    High-pressure vortex fans, also known as high-pressure fans, are widely used in industry and agriculture, covering infrastructure, environmental protection, automobile industry, and electroplating industry.

    Mainly used for industrial air supply, dust collection, exhaust, cooling, transportation and other purposes, such as packaging machinery, food machinery (filling equipment), printing machinery (screen printing machine), textile machinery, PCB equipment, industrial dust collection equipment , cleaning and drying equipment, leather cutting equipment, laser equipment, woodworking machinery, electroplating equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, swimming pool equipment, environmental protection equipment, breeding equipment, tunnel engineering, plastic machinery (central feeding system, automatic suction machine), sewage treatment equipment, air knife equipment, etc.

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