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16"Prime Stainless Steel Roof Ventilator Wind Turbine Air Vent Attic Ventilation

16"Prime Stainless Steel Roof Ventilator Wind Turbine Air Vent Attic Ventilation

Discover the 16" Prime Stainless Steel Roof Ventilator Wind Turbine Air Vent by MOTEXO INDUSTRIES. Widely favored for their low capital and installed cost, adaptability, high capacity per vent, and reliability, these wind-driven turbine roof ventilators are a top choice in industrial and commercial ventilation. As the vent hood rotates with the wind, it efficiently exhausts stale and hot air through the vanes, enhancing the natural inward flow of fresh air. Designed for optimal performance, our turbine ventilators offer a smart solution for effective attic ventilation. Trust MOTEXO INDUSTRIES for high-quality ventilation products that meet your business needs.
  • General Specification

    The un-powered attic ventilation fan uses the natural wind speed in nature to drive the turbine of the fan to rotate. The attic turbine fan does not need electricity, no noise, and can run for a long time. According to the natural laws of the air and the principle of air flow, it is rationally arranged on the top of the roof, which can quickly exhaust indoor hot and dirty gases, and improve the indoor environment.

  • Feature

    • Galvanized bearings, the turbine blades can withstand the wind speed of 200 km/h under high-speed operation, and the load of 100KG will never be deformed.
    • Thicker high-quality stainless steel, higher density and longer life
    •  The blades are arranged closely, and the air volume is strong and does not leak rain
    •  No rust and oxidation resistance in humid environment
    • There is no need for electricity, automatic exhaust all the time, and it will also reduce the fire and other unnecessary troubles caused by short circuit or voltage overload.
  • Design Technique

    • The curved blade is the best result of scientific calculations, which can strictly guarantee that rainwater will never invade under working conditions.
    •  The central axis is equipped with fine steps, so that the blades of the turbine will never be deformed under high-speed operation
    • The design of the variable-angle neck tube allows the fan to be installed at will under the inclined plane of 0-45 degrees, and the installation can be completed within about 30 minutes.
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