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1500mm Ventilator Pipe Duct

1500mm Ventilator Pipe Duct

SKU: MTX100001

Flexible Air Duct for Underground Mining Ventilation.

Generally divided into mine air duct, explosion-proof air duct and thermal insulation air duct.

  • Features

    • The steel wire is used as the skeleton, and the PVC mesh cloth is used as the tube body. Telescopic bending, free connection, oil, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardant. The applicable temperature range is -15℃ ~ +85℃.
    • Specifications: The conventional diameter is 100mm~1500mm, the length of a single piece is 1m~50m, and it is used together with the diameter of the fan.
    • The ventilation pipe can be made by sewing or heat sealing according to customer needs.
  • Application

    Ventilation pipes and ventilation equipment are widely used in machine rooms, basements, tunnels, municipal pipeline engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation equipment, fire and smoke exhaust and other harsh working environments for air supply and exhaust, and for dust removal.

  • Air Duct for Mining

    • High strength and toughness, resistance to smashing and compression, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and anti-corrosion, light weight and easy to hang and install. The specifications range from 500mm to 1600mm in diameter for users to choose.
    • Each section of air duct is linked by zipper, which is very convenient for on-site installation and construction.
  • Explosion-proof Ducting

    • The explosion-proof air duct has the characteristics of flame retardant, antistatic, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. One end of the pipe body is equipped with an antistatic clip.
    • Widely used for air supply and exhaust in high-risk places such as oil depots, flammable and explosive places, gas stations, gas mines, etc., or the exclusion of harmful gases and flammable and explosive gases when they are retained. It avoids the problem of gas accumulation and plays a very important role in the safety work of "one connection and three defenses".
  • Insulation Duct

    • Material: The outer layer is made of steel wire wrapped with wear-resistant rubber strips as the skeleton, and the tube body is made of a composite material of flame-retardant PVC mesh cloth and thermal insulation cotton.
    • Performance: It has the advantages of small heat loss and wind resistance, good noise reduction effect, energy saving and environmental protection.
    • Connection method: zipper link, easy to install and transport.
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