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10000CMH Full Heat Exchanger for Hospital Central Fresh Air Ventilation

10000CMH Full Heat Exchanger for Hospital Central Fresh Air Ventilation


Fresh air ventilator improving home ventilation.

Material: Aluminum zinc plate.

Product specifications: Airflow 150m³/h~14000m³/h.

Features: Durable and corrosion-resistant, small size can save installation space.

  • Motor

    Waterproof motor (protection class IP54), the parts on the outer surface of the motor are made of anti-corrosion materials or attached with anti-corrosion layer.

  • Wind Impeller

    The wind wheel has undergone strict dynamic balance correction, with high balance accuracy.
    It is equipped with a voltage regulator or frequency converter, which can implement stepless speed regulation,
    and the operation is more stable.

  • Feature

    • Two-way ventilation

    After the two-way air exchange between the front and back of the room, the inlet and exhaust air are replaced by the same amount, the room temperature change is controlled, and the fresh air is guaranteed

    • Large air volume and low noise

    The combination of low-noise motor and centrifugal wind wheel ensures stable and stable operation of the unit

    • Heat exchange core

    Easy to replace the filter element, easy to use and easy to maintain

    • All copper motor
    • Thermostat

    No radiation, no flicker, low energy consumption, energy saving, long service life

  • Material

    All parts of the cabinet body are made of galvanized steel plates, which are made of advanced soil technology,strong and durable, and have anti-corrosion properties.

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