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Worldwide Installationand Commissioning Screw Water Cooled Chiller

Worldwide Installationand Commissioning Screw Water Cooled Chiller

SKU: WSC00001

Motexo fabricated the water cooled chillers that deliver both more operating range and high efficiency at design conditions.A all new chiller product can provide cold (salt) water/wind at -25ºC~5ºC.Cold (salt) water/wind at this temperature can be used by clients in different applications.

  • Capacity Range

    Compressor Type: Screw
    Refrigerant: R22
    Capacity Range (Nominal Tons): 13-260
    Capacity Range (kW): 45.4kW~915kW

    Other Ref capacity range
    27-247tons     96 - 870 one set compressor 
    142-717tons     500-2520 twin compressors
    500-1436tons    1760-5050 four compressors

  • Performance Feature

    • Applicable to various operation conditions: Leaving-fluid temperature directly controlled to within -25ºC.
    • Entering-fluid temperature continuously monitored to detect flow or load changes.


    • 208/230v, 380v,460v, 575v operational voltages available.


    • Energy saving and high efficiency: The dedicated falling film evaporator has a higher heat transfer coefficient under the same working conditions and can increase the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchange tube.


    • The external high-efficiency oil separator adopts high-efficiency oil separation technology of collision and gravity sedimentation, and the oil separation effect is good.
  • Reliability Features

    • A new control logic centered on the calculation of opening method and integrating multiple protections.


    1. PLC control-falling film type
    2. Low voltage control circuits
    3. Short cycle protection
    4. 4Dual voltage sensor(high temperature and low temperature)
    5. Temperature reset from return fluid
    6. Chilled water flow switch
    7. Electronic refrigerant gauges
    • Adopts segmented control method to eliminate the problem of slow temperature response.


    • The temperature control error is controlled to within ±0.5ºC, which can ensure the stability of the cold storage or bacterial room.


    • Application of liquid spray cooling technology.
    • Small footprints and easy disassembly options.
  • Accessories

    According to client's project requirements,there are many options are available such as field-installed accessories,factory-installed accessories.

    Part Listed as below:

    • Wye-delta start
    • Vibration isolation
    • Sound reduction enclosure
    • Dual chiller control
    • Temperature reset from return fluid
  • Standard Warranty

    • One year from start-up or 18 months from shipment
    • Extended warranty
    • Worldwide installation and commision
  • Applications

    This series water cooled process cryogenic chiller unit will be applicatable to low-temperature cold storage, production of industrial products such as petroleum, chemicals, light industry, medicine, low-temperature testing in scientific research, low-temperature testing of food and aquatic products processing, refrigerating House, etc.

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