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Metal Powerful Commercial Exhaust Fan

Metal Powerful Commercial Exhaust Fan


Axial flow fan duct mounted exhaust fan/Powerful kitchen exhaust fume axial flow fan/Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion axial flow fan/High-power ventilation equipment for industrial animal husbandry and breeding industry/Cylindrical negative pressure fan/Axial flow fan

  • Product Info

    TK series has the characteristics of low noise, large air volume, low power consumption and reasonable structure. It is currently used in chemical industry, light industry, civil construction, high-end hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, workshop warehouses and other places for heatstroke prevention and cooling, ventilation and ventilation or for general industrial pipeline pressurization, air supply, exhaust and roof ventilation.

  • Proper Use & Maintenance

    • Before use, manually turn the impeller to check whether the rotation is normal, check whether the impeller connection is firm, and then power on and test the machine after confirming that it is correct. This machine uses alternating current, and the voltage tolerance is ±10%.
    • After the power is turned on, firstly jog to check whether the steering is correct. During the test run, pay attention to whether the sound is normal and whether the vibration is obvious. If any abnormality is found, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection.
    • In the process of use, users should avoid factors that affect the life of the fan according to their own use environment, and purposefully prevent the bearing from losing oil, and the uneven or excessive stickiness of the fan blades will cause overload vibration, and clean or replace it in time. .
    • If the motor has been parked for too long and not used, its resistance should be measured not less than 0.5 megohm before reuse.
  • Feature

    • All-metal body, topcoat electrostatic powder spraying, high temperature sintering in electric furnace, high-strength body and super anti-corrosion.
    • High-speed die-casting fan blades, riveted with high-strength rivets, and strictly balanced and calibrated to ensure smooth and efficient fan operation.
    • The pure copper motor is 100% copper wire, including the starting capacitor and power line, and the fan blade is driven by direct connection.
    • The impeller is designed according to the principle of ternary flow, with large air volume and low noise. The wind blade is a steel plate twisted wing, which has high strength and is not easy to deform.
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