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High Velocity Axial Fan For Industrial Ventilation

High Velocity Axial Fan For Industrial Ventilation

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price

Tubeaxial Fans are designed to be widely adapted in general industrial ventilation and commercial ventilation.Each of this series axial fan can be made to be bidirectional,it can blow forward or reverse in the same installing position.Direct and driven models,with fixed and adjustable blade wheels,are available.

  • General Specification

    CVR series axial fans are new-generation cast aluminum based on elements of nature with the noise level reduced by 10-18d B (A) . The aluminum axial fan is designed with optimized aerodynamic principles and advanced processing technology by Motexo Industries to keep working at high temperature. The blade angle can be designed to handle a wide range of requirements. The airflow is increased by 42% and the pressure at 30% rising up,which is compared with the other axial fans that commonly being used in local.Wholly pressure efficiency can reach the max 82.3 %.

  • Application

    • Ventilation in factory,warehouses,factories,laundries,kitchens,garages,equipment rooms,building.
    • Process coolling in drying kiln,steel mills,paper mills,and forges.
  • Features

    • Standard blade pitch angle is 15°~30°with the blade quantity of 6~14pcs.
    • Blades quantity,with different pitch angle,a very flexible production allows special requirements to be met as well.
    • A large selection of fan outlet angle positions,casing thickness and materials are available.
    • Adopt the standard motor with insulation class F and protection class IP54.If IP55 needed to be specified before order.
  • Casing& Impeller

    • The casing is formed from the Q235 steel sheet to stainless steel SS316 or 304 with integral supports.
    • The grey/red/white/orange paint finish is applied after production, optional hot-dip galvanization,furnace paint or epoxy paint is available.
    • Blade material: Aluminum alloy,carbon steel.
  • Delivery & Package Worldwide

    For diverse requirements for customers or fans and blowers, we have three methods available
    Wooden box, wooden palisade, and paper carton.

    All packages are passing international exported standards.

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