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High Quality Aluminium Sheet 100mm Jet Diffuser

High Quality Aluminium Sheet 100mm Jet Diffuser

SKU: MTX100002

The spherical adjustable jet diffuser is suitable for air conditioning and ventilation post air supply. The air flow direction and air supply volume can be adjusted through the tuyere adjustment mechanism. The air outlet is easy to use and flexible to adjust. It is divided into two parts: the outer frame and the sphere. The outer frame is fixed. The specifications of the tuyere can be supplied according to the required air volume, and the local resistance coefficient of the tuyere is 1.20.   It can be divided into ordinary switch type (ie manual type), electric actuator type and temperature control type (temperature sensitive type).

Spherical nozzles are mainly used in high-end large-space buildings such as airports, exhibition centers, concert halls, gymnasiums, etc.

  • Design

    Supply and return jet diffusers are manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles or ABS material.Available in the following diameter: Ø75, Ø 100, Ø 125, Ø 150, Ø 200, Ø 250, Ø 315,Ø350, Ø 400, Ø 500,Ø630mm.

  • Feature

    • The nozzle of the star nozzle is a hollow superstructure, which is formed by drawing aluminum plate with a die. The outer layer is spherical, and the inner layer is designed with the best aerodynamic principle. It has a long range, low noise and resistance, and high range induction ratio. Indoor It has good air mixing, uniform temperature in the working area, and can avoid fogging on the surface of the tuyere in high temperature areas.
    • The surface color of the nozzle is generally white, and it can also be electrostatically sprayed or painted according to the requirements of interior decoration.
  • Type

    • Ordinary switch type (ie manual type): add 6 sets of aluminum alloy blades, and adjust the air volume by manually adjusting the blades
    • Electric actuator type: 220V electric control to adjust the blade to adjust the air volume
    • Temperature-controlled type (temperature-sensitive type): The temperature-sensitive spherical remote nozzle is equipped with a temperature-sensitive actuator on the neck, which can automatically sense the airflow temperature and automatically drive the inner nozzle to change the air supply angle. When the air supply temperature is 17 in summer, the air flow from the nozzle is blown out horizontally; when the air supply temperature in winter is 27, the air flow from the nozzle is blown out in an oblique downward direction. It can meet the air supply requirements under different working conditions in winter and summer. The temperature-sensing actuator does not require labor or power supply and electronic control equipment, and has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, stable performance, easy installation, and maintenance-free.
  • Installation Guide

    Motexo air jet diffuser can be installed on the side wall of a square or round pipe, fixed with bolts or rivets, and a gasket should be placed at the connection. When directly connecting with circular pipes, pipes with pipe sections can be selected, and the diameter of the nozzle is in line with the diameter of the pipe.

  • Applicable Conditions

    • When the area of ​​public places (if various halls and assembly rooms, etc.) is large, and the use of ceiling air outlets cannot deliver air evenly or achieve no effect, in this case, the spherical nozzle should be installed in the Side ventilation.
    • The direction of the air supply can be adjusted manually on the spot, and it can also be oscillated electrically within a range of 30°. Electric control system can be provided according to user needs.
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