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Frequency VFD Electrical PLC Control Panel Outdoor Inverter Control Cabinet

Frequency VFD Electrical PLC Control Panel Outdoor Inverter Control Cabinet


Automation control system, PLC control cabinet, frequency conversion control cabinet, supply low-voltage power distribution cabinet.

  • Application

     Automatic control system and PLC control cabinet are widely used in water works, sewage treatment plants, pump station gates, urban pipe gallery, desulfurization and denitrification, large boilers and other industries.

  • Service & Consulting

    • We serve municipal engineering general contractor companies, security monitoring companies, environmental protection companies, etc., and support on-demand customization of drawings, products and services adhering to the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, and intelligent industrial design.
    • The products are all independently developed and produced, with sufficient experience in installation and debugging. Our prices are reasonably calculated according to customer requirements (optional single door/double door/front and rear door customization) and materials (Q235B, SUS201/304, etc.), the website price is for reference only , are subject to the actual quotation.
  • Feature

    • The thickness of the box is 1.5mm or 2mm
    • The plate is formed by a CNC bending machine at one time, the box body has high dimensional accuracy, and the later installation deviation is small, which is easy to install.
    • The surface is welded, fully welded and polished, and the structure is firm; the door lock adopts a flat handle lock.
    • The incoming and outgoing lines adopt bottom in and bottom out, and the bottom anti-rodent board is designed to effectively prevent rodents and insects.
    • The door hinge adopts alloy die-casting hinge, which has higher structural strength.
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