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Acoustic Centrifugal Type Cabinet Fan SISW

Acoustic Centrifugal Type Cabinet Fan SISW


Centrifugal cabinet fan is an air supply and exhaust equipment specially designed to meet the operating requirements of different working conditions. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, low noise, and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in air supply and exhaust of air-conditioning engineering systems in industrial production, high-rise buildings, hotels, civil buildings, culture, education and health and other departments.

  • General Specification

     The cabinet type centrifugal fan is a box type centrifugal fan with high efficiency and low noise. The product is composed of low-noise forward-leaning multi-wing centrifugal fan, motor, bearing, transmission parts, sound-absorbing cabinet, etc. According to the different installation positions, 12 different angles of air inlet and outlet positions are provided to meet the needs of users in different installation environments. According to the requirements of fire protection and ventilation, it can be divided into two types: Type A and type B. The motor of type A is installed outside the box and used for fire smoke exhaust. It has been approved by the National Fire Fighting Equipment Supervision and Quality Inspection Center according to GA211-1999 "Fire Exhaust High temperature resistance test method for flue gas fans" High temperature resistance test, which can run continuously for more than 60 minutes under high temperature conditions of 300℃; B-type motor is installed in the box for air ventilation.

  • Features

    • Fans are divided into twelve series of specifications from 9" to 36" according to their diameters. The air volume is 1650~86000m³/h and the total pressure is 180~1000Pa. After continuous improvement and development, EHAF cabinet type centrifugal fans can now be divided into  2 types--single-speed and two-speed designed and equipped with two-speed motors. To achieve two-speed speed regulation, it is recommended to adjust the frequency to be locked at 25Hz~50Hz
    • In order to meet the needs of explosion-proof environment, the fan can be made into an explosion-proof fan with an explosion-proof grade of EXdIIBT4, suitable for places with flammable and explosive gases.
    • In order to meet the requirements of noise in different places, the fan can be equipped with silencers of different lengths, and the sound-absorbing box of the fan can also be thickened to reduce the noise of the fan.


  • Application

    It can be widely used for ventilation and smoke extraction in hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, theaters, basements, industrial and mining enterprises, office buildings, etc., especially for ventilation and smoke extraction with low noise and large air volume.

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