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238W 230V Horizontal Exposed Fan Coil Unit

238W 230V Horizontal Exposed Fan Coil Unit


Horizontal concealed fan coil unit.
The horizontal concealed installation unit can be brought back to the wind box (divided into two types of next return and back return).
The unit does not occupy ground space, and can be ideally hidden in the decorative board, which is highly decorative.

  • Product Info

    • Integral inclined condensate pan

    The whole plate is integrally stamped to prevent water leakage caused by welding seam. Electrostatic spraying treatment. A whole piece of 6mm thick flame-retardant insulation material is pasted. Dry water tray design. The condensate tray is slightly inclined by 5° to facilitate the drainage of condensed water. . Insulation at the bottom.

    • Copper tube U bend protection

    Avoid bumping of the copper pipe during transportation, and use it more securely.

    • Surface cooler

    High-quality seamless copper tubes and fins are used to pass through to the forming mechanical expansion tube, which is tightly combined and has high heat transfer efficiency.

    • Motor

    Low noise capacitor motor, fully enclosed rolling bearing, stable operation.

    • Low noise bearing

    The bearing adopts low-noise bearings, with large air volume and low noise.

  • Material&Performance

    • Q235 hot rolled steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet
    • Streamlined blades, low resistance, large distortion, effectively improve the efficiency of the fan
  • Application

    Office buildings, factories, hotels, supermarkets, underground garages, high-end civil buildings, fire-fighting passages and other public places.

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